Our Fanfic with Sarah is now out!

The Priority of Patience “When a run to school and work is faced with one obstacle after another, Jason, Morrie, and Suzu’s day takes a direction completely unexpected. Yet, this might just be what they need the most.” Chapter 1: The small alarm clock rang loudly waking Morrie from a deep sleep. He turned itContinue reading “Our Fanfic with Sarah is now out!”

Exciting News to Announce!

Today we are so excited to announce a fanfic collaboration between ourselves and our good friend Sarah. We staring talking recently and became great friends very quickly, bonding over our shared love of many things such as AIO and cats. 🥰🥰🥰 Soon after we decided to write a fanfic together. This was so much funContinue reading “Exciting News to Announce!”

A Number, Not a Name: part four

Chapter 4: Meeting Dalmar The black Mercedes had been making its way through the streets of Bulin for about an hour when the sights of the city dramatically changed. In place of the high-rise buildings and historic sites, they had seen earlier Tasha and Jason were now surrounded by run-down structures that were covered inContinue reading “A Number, Not a Name: part four”

Give Your Ideas to the AIO Writers!!!

Probably sure most of you all know this already but AIO is giving fans who are members of the club the opportunity to say what their favorite (and not so favorite) characters and episodes are, which relationships should (or should not) happen on the show as well as submit ideas for future episodes and storylinesContinue reading “Give Your Ideas to the AIO Writers!!!”

New Episode of Our Podcast is Out!!! (A Very Special One)

In this episode we have two very specials guests join us, the hosts of the Raspberry Ripple Podcast – Heaven and Grace! Hear as we discuss and share our thoughts about the classic AIO episode – “A Name, Not a Number.” Get ready for a whole lot of laughs, fun, and Tason (Tasha + Jason forever!). HopeContinue reading “New Episode of Our Podcast is Out!!! (A Very Special One)”

New Website Coming Soon!

We are so excited to announce that we have collaborated with Grace and Heaven (Raspberry Ripple Podcast) to create a Jason Whittaker fansite called JW1131! Words can’t express how ecstatic we are as we get to talk as much as we want about Jason and most importantly work together even more with Heaven and GraceContinue reading “New Website Coming Soon!”