Album 72 (Early) Predictions!

Album 71 finished airing on the club several weeks ago which means it’s time to look forward to album 72. Now it goes without saying that there will be spoilers. So if you haven’t heard album 71 yet stop reading now. The official synopsis and title of album 72 was released a few weeks ago.Continue reading “Album 72 (Early) Predictions!”

A Number, Not a Name: Part Eighteen

Chapter 18: Countdown 4 months earlier: Regis scanned the fragment of paper spread out across the table before him. Not even a month ago he was a desperate man chasing the shadows of his lifelong mentor. What he’d found in the jungles of South America had been nothing short of a profound revelation. The ancientContinue reading “A Number, Not a Name: Part Eighteen”

A Number, Not a Name: Part Seventeen

Chapter 17: No Way Out Present-day: Liana sat on the edge of her bed, utterly exhausted. She placed her clutch on her nightstand and then reached down and slipped off her black heels. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. It had been a very long and tiring evening. On nights like tonight,Continue reading “A Number, Not a Name: Part Seventeen”

A Number, Not a Name: Part Sixteen

Chapter 16: Are the Stars Out Tonight? 15 years earlier: Liana stared up at the ceiling of her room, gazing up at the stars projected by the galaxy projector. Her mother had loved astronomy or at least that was what she’d heard. She supposed she’d inherited her love for space and celestial objects from her.Continue reading “A Number, Not a Name: Part Sixteen”

A Number, Not a Name: Part Fifteen

Chapter 15: And Days are Dark Present-day: Beads of sweat trickled down Jason’s forehead as he frantically worked to decrypt the file. He had been working on it for nearly an hour and so far he’d had no luck. Every time he’d get close to cracking the code, there’d be some phrase of letters leftContinue reading “A Number, Not a Name: Part Fifteen”

A Number, Not a Name: Part Fourteen

Chapter 14: Where Worlds Collide Three months earlier: The flight to Bulin was cramped. Sweaty and hot passengers all stacked on top of one another. I had no idea so many people visited Krudia now. Though I guess I wouldn’t know considering how long it’s been. Liana sat next to a window six rows backContinue reading “A Number, Not a Name: Part Fourteen”

A Number, Not a Name: Part Thirteen

Chapter 13: We Walk Through the Fire Present-day: Scarlett stood in the ballroom of Dalmar’s house directing where the delivery men should hang some paintings Dalmar had ordered specially for the gala that evening. “Where should we place this piece ma’am?” One of the delivery men asked as he held a portrait of Tigran Hakobyan,Continue reading “A Number, Not a Name: Part Thirteen”

A Number, Not a Name: Part Eleven

Chapter 11: Bound to the Dark A week earlier: Milena walked quickly on the cobbled pavement, her eyes scanning every direction to make note of the people gathered in the alleyway. Her right hand was placed directly over her gun, ready to draw it at a moment’s notice. Around her tall dark buildings cast theirContinue reading “A Number, Not a Name: Part Eleven”

The Great Debate: Should Connie Get Married?

Because of the great response to the our post “The Great Debate: Should Jillison Be a Thing???” on our Jason Whittaker fansite (and all the fun we had had writing it) we decided to write more posts like it where we give our opinion on the most hotly debated topics within the Odyssey fandom! WelcomeContinue reading “The Great Debate: Should Connie Get Married?”