A Number, Not a Name: part two

Chapter 2: The Journey Ahead Ms. Connors looked up from her computer as she heard Tasha walking past her desk “Have a nice day Tasha.”   “Thank you, you as well Ms. Connors.” Tasha exited the room and stepped into the aisle where Jason was waiting. “So,” began Tasha as they started to walk down theContinue reading “A Number, Not a Name: part two”

The Rydell Revelations Review: Great Potential, Somewhat Underwhelming

It’s a cool Sunday night, holiday lights are twinkling, and Christmas carols are playing distantly in the background. The perfect time to write our inaugurating post on AIO revelations. It should be no surprise that our first review would focus on one of the biggest and most anticipated episodes in recent AIO history – TheContinue reading “The Rydell Revelations Review: Great Potential, Somewhat Underwhelming”