Thoughts About the Club Episodes

Ever since the launch of the Adventures in Odyssey Club in 2014 the writers have released 12 episodes a year that are exclusive to the Club. Because of this change we now only get two six-episode albums a year instead of two twelve-episode albums a year. Now, we completely understand why AIO has exclusive episodesContinue reading “Thoughts About the Club Episodes”

A Number, Not a Name: part five

Chapter 5: Collision Course Three months earlier: Norvan clenched his fists as he struggled to control his growing anger. Thoughts raced through his mind. Not even one week ago the pieces of the puzzle were continuing to fall in place. Everything was going according to plan. But now in light of recent events, he couldn’tContinue reading “A Number, Not a Name: part five”

The Priority of Patience: Final Part

“And that’s what happened.” Jason finished speaking. It was evening now, and he and Whit were sitting in their living room as Jason recounted the day’s events. “It sounds like you had quite a day.” Whit chuckled. “Yeah. I certainly did.” “So then, how did your meeting with Mr. Burton go?” “It didn’t.” “Oh?” “Yeah,Continue reading “The Priority of Patience: Final Part”

How Old are the Odyssey characters?

It’s the age old question that has bugged Odyssey fans (including us) for the longest.😂 How old are the AIO characters, particularly the main ones? In search of the answers we created a formula and calculated the ages for ourselves. And now we are sharing it with you all. We know that the episode “MemoriesContinue reading “How Old are the Odyssey characters?”

The Priority of Patience: Part Three

They rode in silence for a few minutes. Neither Jason, Morrie, or Suzu wanting or having anything to say. Five minutes had passed since they left the house. Morrie was glancing in Suzu’s direction when he saw a panicked expression spread across her face. Suzu grabbed her backpack, which was on the car floor inContinue reading “The Priority of Patience: Part Three”

Send us your AIO questions!

Okay everyone coming up soon we’re getting ready to record another episode of our podcast. But this one’s extra special as we’ve having our friend Sarah (co-writer of “The Priority of Patience”) on the show. Please send us your AIO questions that you want us to answer. (i.e. what storylines we want most to seeContinue reading “Send us your AIO questions!”

The Priority of Patience: Part Two

Whit finished the rest of his coffee as he saw Suzu enter the room. “Good morning, Suzu! How did you sleep?” “Very well, thank you.” she stood near the entrance of the kitchen, hands in front of her. Whit placed the now empty mug in the dishwasher and Jason finished plating the food. “Here, Suzu.Continue reading “The Priority of Patience: Part Two”

Another New Fanfic: The Soda Jerk’s Gambit

We wrote another oneshot recently and thought that since we’ve been inactive for a little while you all deserved another story for being so patient and understanding. So here it is! The Soda Jerk’s Gambit “Determined to learn the recipe for raspberry ripple ice cream Connie makes a bet with Jason. The only question –Continue reading “Another New Fanfic: The Soda Jerk’s Gambit”