From This Day Forward: Final Part

Whit stood at the front of the church with Jack beside him. His gaze rested on the church doors as he eagerly waited for Jenny to arrive. His heart raced at the thought of his soon-to-be wife walking through the white doors at any moment. The realness of the moment overwhelmed him. All the waitingContinue reading “From This Day Forward: Final Part”

A Number, Not a Name: Part Twenty-five

Chapter 25: It Ends with Us A well-built man stared at Milena and Lorenzo through his binoculars. Their happiness shone through their bright smiles and warm embrace. But their newly found joy was the least of his concerns. As long as she was alive Norvan Ohanyan’s daughter posed an immediate threat to his boss. HerContinue reading “A Number, Not a Name: Part Twenty-five”

A Number, Not a Name: Part Twenty-four

Chapter 24: Not Dead Yet Tasha stirred. Opening her eyes she realized she was tied to a chair. Her head pounded. Behind her back, ropes dug into her wrists. As she shifted in the seat she bit back a moan that escaped her lips. Looking down she saw her pajamas were splattered in blood.  DarkContinue reading “A Number, Not a Name: Part Twenty-four”

A Number, Not a Name: Part Twenty-three

Chapter 23: All the Sunlight of Our Past Logs crackled in the fireplace. Soft music flowed from a small music box. Milena sat silently on a gray floral rug in front of the hearth. Tears flowed down her cheeks. The events of the last few hours had turned her world upside down. The revelations ofContinue reading “A Number, Not a Name: Part Twenty-three”

A Number, Not a Name: Part Twenty-two

Chapter 22: Seeing Red The henchmen paraded Tasha and Jason into the center of the room, then released their hold on them. Dalmar stood from his vinyl chair. He inched closer to Tasha and Jason, shoes scuffing on the floor. His jacket was ruffled and caked with dirt. Blood splattered the side of his faceContinue reading “A Number, Not a Name: Part Twenty-two”

A Number, Not a Name: Part Twenty-one

Chapter 21: Tears Don’t Fall 5 hours earlier: The leaves of the surrounding trees had a silvery tinge in the moonlight. Their eerie shadows crawled across the ground and snaked up the side of the old building. Dalmar sat alone in his office meticulously going over some files. A lone lamp was turned on baskingContinue reading “A Number, Not a Name: Part Twenty-one”

A Number, Not a Name: Part Twenty

Chapter 20: Among the Fallen The blackout van steadily rolled along the road. Metal handcuffs tore and cut into Jason and Tasha’s wrists. On either side, they were flanked by a henchman who sat silently with their gun drawn. Elias and another man sat in front of them. The light from the moon shone onContinue reading “A Number, Not a Name: Part Twenty”

A Number, Not a Name: Part Nineteen

Chapter 19: In the Midnight Hour 1 month earlier: Milena stared blankly ahead. She took another sip of her coffee, trying to wake herself up. The last few weeks had seemed like a blur. All she had wanted were answers. She never could have envisioned the path it would set her on. Some days sheContinue reading “A Number, Not a Name: Part Nineteen”

Album 72 (Early) Predictions!

Album 71 finished airing on the club several weeks ago which means it’s time to look forward to album 72. Now it goes without saying that there will be spoilers. So if you haven’t heard album 71 yet stop reading now. The official synopsis and title of album 72 was released a few weeks ago.Continue reading “Album 72 (Early) Predictions!”

A Number, Not a Name: Part Eighteen

Chapter 18: Countdown 4 months earlier: Regis scanned the fragment of paper spread out across the table before him. Not even a month ago he was a desperate man chasing the shadows of his lifelong mentor. What he’d found in the jungles of South America had been nothing short of a profound revelation. The ancientContinue reading “A Number, Not a Name: Part Eighteen”