Hello fellow Odysseans!

My name is Elissa and I’m what you might call a die-hard fan of Adventures in Odyssey. I, along with my twin sister, have been listening to the program since we were little girls and since then both of us have only continued to fall even more in love with the show. I am a Christian and one of my favorite bible verses is 1 John 1:9. I’m 18 years old and am a junior at UCLA currently majoring in chemistry. A few interests of mine, besides listening to AIO, include playing the piano, drawing, and reading books, among many others.

My name is Hannah and as you may have guessed by now, I am also a devoted AIO fan. I am a Christian and one of my favorite bible verses is Philippians 4:13. l am a junior at UCLA and my major is also chemistry. In addition to listening to AIO in my free time, other activities that I as well as my sister enjoy, besides the ones listed above, are baking, writing creatively, and listening to music. I also share two cats with my sister who are named Pepper and Snowy.

We are truly excited to run this fan site and can’t wait to interact with all our fellow odyssey fans – so without further ado, let the adventure begin!

John Whittaker: The best is yet to come!

– #234: “Our Daily Bread”

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