Album 72 (Early) Predictions!

Album 71 finished airing on the club several weeks ago which means it’s time to look forward to album 72.

Now it goes without saying that there will be spoilers. So if you haven’t heard album 71 yet stop reading now.

The official synopsis and title of album 72 was released a few weeks ago. Here’s the summary below!

“Adventures in Odyssey audio dramas release the imagination of both young and old as listeners follow a host of characters through adventures in the town of Odyssey. Geared towards kids ages 8 and up, these high-quality audio dramas teach biblical truths and moral foundations for children to make decisions from throughout their lives. They are perfect for car rides and initiating important conversations with kids.

In The Long Road Home, album #72 of the series, important lessons are learned about friendship, family, and judging others.

“Have you ever considered that Mr. John Avery Whittaker has his own agenda?” Olivia has a new friend in her life. He’s smart, interesting, and just so talkative. Will his influence, and Olivia’s own desire to settle some scores, ruin her friendships with Zoe and the gang at Whit’s End? Will his devious comments convince Olivia to abandon her faith?

Meanwhile, Buck and Jules discover that Buck’s father left behind a lot more than could ever have been suspected. Could the map help him determine what is next for his life? Because he’s beginning to wonder if he really wants to be in a family with Eugene and Katrina. Elsewhere in Odyssey, Bridgett Perkins learns a good lesson about judging others when she feels that her own life is under the microscope.”

Since the titles of AIO albums usually reflect its content we’re assuming “The Long Road Home” hints at the arcs of a couple characters in this album.

The first character we’ll be discussing is Buck. Over the past few albums he’s been making a home in Odyssey with Eugene and Katrina as well as growing closer to them. However, there’s been several times he’s questioned whether he actually belongs there or if this new life he has will last. Going off the synopsis we’re guessing this doubt will be heavily shown in this album. We’re predicting he’ll learn a revelation about his father that will make him question his life even more. If he even wants to remain with Eugene and Katrina.

If this happens to be true it reminds us of Eugene’s arc in Album 21: Wish You Were Here. He had a lot of questions about his life and decided to go on a quest to find some answers. He even wondered if he’d even return to Odyssey. Of course he returned in the end. Judging by the title of album 72 we’d bet Buck will go on a journey (either figurative or literally) to find out where he belongs. We’re guessing a literal journey where he leaves Odyssey as the album summary mentions a map that could “help him determine what is next for his life.” Right now there are a number of possibilities as to what the map could lead to. We know from “The Long End” that his mother left him an inheritance. Perhaps his father did as well or something that gives him more information about his life and backstory.

There will probably be some moments where Buck severally doubts his new life but eventually he’ll come to the conclusion that he belongs in Odyssey with Eugene and Katrina. On the aio wiki future page it is listed that “an episode is in the writing stage that will answer whether or not Buck will be adopted by the Meltsners.” There’s a chance this is that episode or in another episode soon after this three parter. We’re hoping Eugene and Katrina will play a major role in these episodes. Recently, it seems they’ve been pushed to the side of Buck’s arc in favor of Jules. Near the beginning of Buck’s story they (especially Katrina) had a much more prominent role. It would be great to hear their side of this story. Perhaps hear them worrying for Buck and praying for him to come to the right decision for his life. They obviously have grown close to and love and care about him very much. The great possibility he’d choose to move on without them would most likely be saddening and maybe upsetting. In our opinion the writers not focusing on these two would be a great opportunity missed.

Jules obviously is going to play a prominent role in this three partner. Recently, it’s seemed that she’d taken over Buck centric episodes. It’s either her convincing him to do something he shouldn’t and/or making him take the fall for her ideas. It would be interesting to hear why Buck has allowed Jules to for lack of a better word “control” his actions. Does he feel like she’s the only one he can connect with. The only one who understands him so has to do whatever he can to keep their friendship. Who knows if he decides that he belongs in Odyssey with the Meltsners he may come to the realization that she’s been “using” him. Or at the very least that he can’t go along anymore with her rebellious schemes. They may even have a falling out (or not).

Next up is Olivia. We must say her questioning her faith is one of the most interesting and compelling storylines in recent memory. Certainly, unlike anything we’ve heard on AIO. Now we could see the writers extending this arc for a little while (though hopefully not as long as a certain ongoing saga) or tying it up rather quickly. There is a chance it’s conclusion could come in this album as the name “The Long Road Home” could also hint at Olivia’s journey of faith. How she she goes down a long dark path but eventually comes back to her faith. This part of the synopsis “Will his influence (her ‘new’ friend), and Olivia’s own desire to settle some scores, ruin her friendships with Zoe and the gang at Whit’s End? Will his devious comments convince Olivia to abandon her faith?” seems to possibly hint at a climax of some sort. A moment where Olivia has to finally decide what she believes and if she’ll cut ties to the Christian influences in her life such as Whit and Zoe. We’re definitely interested to see what happens. If we had to guess we’d say this isn’t the official end of Olivia’s arc but there is a possibility it could be.

The last confirmed episode so far is “Judge me Tender.” From the AIO Facebook page Bridget and Jules are going to meet for the first time in this episode. We assume the part of the synopsis, “Bridgett Perkins learns a good lesson about judging others when she feels that her own life is under the microscope,” relates to this episode.

Now we have the least information about this episode so it’s harder to come up with possible storyline ideas for it. But if we had to guess what the episode is about we would say that Connie and others feel that due to recent events Jules/her actions need(s) to be supervised. Meanwhile Bridget feels too restricted and judged in her own life, like she’s under a microscope of some kind. One day Jules’ actions come into question (probably by Bridget and maybe some others). Eventually the truth comes out that Jules’ actions were totally fine (for once lol). And voilà Bridget learns about judging others. She realizes that she and Jules are kindred spirits. They both feel misunderstood and wonder if they really belong in Odyssey. In the end they strike up a friendship. Now that could be completely accurate or totally wrong. (We’re leaning to the latter). But we’re betting Jules and Bridget will probably become friends sooner rather than later. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about this episode and the entire album soon!

Well, that’s all our (early) predictions for now. We’re excited to hear these episodes! What are your thoughts about these upcoming episodes? Any theories/predictions about this album? Be sure to leave a comment!

3 thoughts on “Album 72 (Early) Predictions!

  1. I do hope that Katrina and Eugene are more involved in the next episodes, I miss that side of them!! And I’m very interested to see how the friendship with Jules and Bridgett plays out.

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    1. We wholeheartedly agree! The last time we heard Katrina with Eugene and Buck was in “The Long End” which came out in 2019. It’s definitely time to hear from her again. She was the first person to reach out to Buck, who believed that he could start over and that deep down he wanted to do good. Their relationship was so wonderful to see. Buck and Eugene are amazing together as well. It will be fascinating to see how Bridget and Jules connect. Will they find in the other a friend they needed? Will they hit it off right away or take a little while to warm up to each other? So many questions. We can’t wait to hear how it all plays out.

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      1. Definitely! I loved the sweet and caring side of Katrina (and eventually Eugene) that came out when Buck entered the scene. And they both bring out the good in Buck as well.

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