Thoughts About the Club Episodes

Ever since the launch of the Adventures in Odyssey Club in 2014 the writers have released 12 episodes a year that are exclusive to the Club. Because of this change we now only get two six-episode albums a year instead of two twelve-episode albums a year.

Now, we completely understand why AIO has exclusive episodes in the club as it not only serves as an incentive for people to become members but it also allows them to feature different ministries at least several times a year. However, club episodes are not without their cons as now because of the shorter mainstream albums it takes much longer for story arcs (such as Buck’s relationship with Eugene and Katrina) to progress and move forward. Additionally, we know nothing extremely important or life changing is ever going to happen in the club episodes themselves because not everyone would be able to hear them. Because of this, some episodes (especially those released lately) have felt a bit boring and even silly and ridiculous at times. Making us wish there weren’t any club episodes at all and that we could go back to main stream albums that were twelve episodes long instead of six.

Recently, though we came up with an idea. What if the writers, in addition to writing episodes about mission trips, fairytales, every day life events, etc., also wrote some shows taking place in the past. We could hear the backstories of different characters that we love and want to know more about. Hearing a young Dr. Blackgaard would be awesome! We could also hear more episodes about the young Whittaker family back when Whit, Jenny, Jerry, Jana, and Jason all lived in California. We could hear how Whit started UPF and when they all moved to Chicago. How he started working for the government. How Jason came to work at the NSA and his first mission. Him meeting Donovan and Tasha for the first time. More young Whit episodes would be great as well. We could also hear more stories about Connie and Eugene as kids. And anything else that would give us a more in depth look at these characters, as well as many others, and witness different events that have happened in their lives. It would also give us a chance to see older characters that we love and want to see back on the show again.

Thus, making it a win/win situation for everyone as it would allow the show to still have club episodes while making them more enjoyable and memorable for us fans to listen to. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this matter.

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