How Old are the Odyssey characters?

It’s the age old question that has bugged Odyssey fans (including us) for the longest.😂 How old are the AIO characters, particularly the main ones?

In search of the answers we created a formula and calculated the ages for ourselves. And now we are sharing it with you all.

We know that the episode “Memories of Jerry” aired in 1996 and from this we learned that Jerry died in 1971 and that Jason was in middle school. Assuming he was in 6th grade he would have most likely been 11 which means that he was born in 1960. This means he would have been 27 when AIO first aired. Which means, taking in account that three years our time equals a year in Odyssey time (something that was confirmed by the writers), he would be 37-38 right now.

We know Connie was 15 almost 16 when she first appeared on the show in 1987 which means she would now be 27-28.

Eugene is around 2 years older than Connie. So he is now 29-30.

Katrina would be around Connie and Eugene’s age so she would now be 28-29

Wooton was confirmed to be in his 30s in the episode “Odyssey Sings” which first aired in 2005. He also has a niece which we heard in the episode “for the fun of it” which aired in 2003. In the episode she appears to be around 11-12 years old which means she would be around 17-18 today. She is the daughter of his twin brother Wellington who we DEFINITELY cannot imagine having a child any younger than 19 which is also HIGHLY UNLIKELY considering his personality and the type of person he is. If so Wooton would now be 36-37 years now but he could be even in his early 40s. But since we assume people want the age gap between him and Penny to be smaller we went with Wooton being 36-37.

Penny was a college student when she first appeared in the show in 2011. She also was confirmed to be a bit younger than Connie so now she would probably be 26-27.

For Whit we know that he was drafted into the Army while attending Duke University. Since after the war he attended USC he probably didn’t get to complete much of his studies so we assume he was in the early years of college which means he was probably around 18–19 years old. In the episodes we hear of him in the army (Rescue from Manatugo Point and Operation DigOut) the year is 1942. This would put him being born in 1923 or 1924. In 1987 he would be either 63 or 64. Adding the 11 years that have passed that would make Whit either 74 or 75.

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