Give Your Ideas to the AIO Writers!!!

Probably sure most of you all know this already but AIO is giving fans who are members of the club the opportunity to say what their favorite (and not so favorite) characters and episodes are, which relationships should (or should not) happen on the show as well as submit ideas for future episodes and storylines which the writers will consider doing in the future. All you have to do is go to the adventures in odyssey club (app or the website) and then go to the Odyssey library, click the button “bonus”, click the post “your opinion matters”, click the button “comments”, and then press the button “share your story” to share your ideas and opinions with the writers.

2 thoughts on “Give Your Ideas to the AIO Writers!!!

  1. This was a pretty cool opportunity for the fans to share their wishes. My question is, why did they offer it only to Club members? They could have made a post on the official site for suggestions as well.

    By the way, on February 4, Bob Smithouser made the following statement in the comments under the latest Name That Episode post:
    “Good morning, everyone! Just a quick update from our annual writers’ retreat. Things are going great! I got to kick it all off on Monday morning with a 90-minute presentation explaining trends on the “What Do You Think?” message board. That included reading a few dozen of your comments word for word. And I sent everyone around the table a document with nearly 200 posts that represented the AIO issues you seem to care about most. So rest assured that the fans have been heard!”

    Keep up the good work on this blog, I’ve enjoyed reading it.

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    1. We don’t know the answer to that question unfortunately. Maybe they wanted it to be an exclusive opportunity for club members. It definitely would have been great if they had allowed fans who weren’t members of the club to leave their suggestions and opinions as well. Thank you for your kind words. We plan on releasing a lot more content very soon. ☺️

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