Teach a Man Reaction

Well, we’re back! Sorry for the sorta long break but we’ve been rather busy with things aka school. The club episodes have always interested us as they usually focus on some sort of mission work taking place in or outside of Odyssey which is great, as it allows us to see the characters involved in humanitarian efforts and see their reaction to other parts of the world. And as it happens the club episode this month follows Jay and Zoe on a mission trip to Honduras.

• Jay is still Jay. Crushing on Zoe, finding a way to mention food, and bragging about his “illustrious” film career. Wonder if Zoe ever gets tired of him lol!

• Jay is so cynical and yet so funny at the same time! Saying a “Feed a family of four for a year by giving up donuts” billboard was sponsored by a muffin company trying to put donut companies out of business. We can’t XD hahaha!

• The disagreement on the bus between Zoe and Jay is amazing as it represents their personalities so well : ) Zoe being all sweet and kind hearted trying to soften Jay’s heart by telling him of the great need and widespread hunger among the people in Honduras and Jay true to his nature not buying it at all! (Better listen to her or you’ll probably regret it Jay)

• Uh oh they’ve been split up. Poor Jay. How will he ever survive without Zoe!

• Jay says he’s got this! Don’t know about that one buddy.

• Jay obviously LOVES the beach and is determined to rush through his presentation. Can’t say we blame him we love the beach too!

• The people in the background sound like the crowds at Apple when a new iphone is released (total hysteria). Also Jay’s spanish is hysterical!

• Seems like Zoe is having a harder time than Jay. Her group hasn’t gotten to filming yet and is getting restless. Meanwhile Jay is just being Jay…

• Did Jay really just call that kid caviar! *we’re dead*

• Woah! Jay’s group grew by six and Zoe’s shrunk by the same amount. A Little deduction and we can CLEARLY see what happened. Zoe’s probably not gonna like this when she finds out most of her group went to Jay’s class.

• No one wants to do little Miguel’s story. Something must be off hmmmmm…….

• Looks like little Miguel has a BIG head. Demands for money, boats, and a major yogurt sponsorship. smh. Looks like Jay was right about things not adding up, who would have known. Zoe’s experience in Honduras keeps getting worse and worse. Meanwhile Jay who is not even supposed to have the slightest clue about what he’s doing is ABSOLUTELY rocking it!

• Looks like Zoe still will have little Miguel be the subject of her documentary despite her group being totally opposed to the idea and little Miguel being a completely self-centered brat. Jay is about to reveal his life story YES! : – D

• Wow, everyone in Zoe’s group, except one person, left her. Ouch! Such a nice scene with Whit comforting her and giving her advice.

• “Art takes time” our new favorite quote. Remind us to say that to our history teacher when an essay’s due lol : D.

• Jay’s movie about a love story is just great and funny. Have a slight suspicion its about Zoe and Jay. And Zoe’s there this could get awkward.

• *coughs* Yup, this movie is for sure about Zoe and Jay! If things weren’t awkward before they definitely are now!!!

• looks like Jay and Zoe are partners again. Movie partners that is : P

• That’s like the FIFTH time Jay’s said the word chemistry. He must have the engagement, wedding, and honeymoon all planed out. Know it’s crazy but the more we hear Zoe and Jay together the more we ship it. Maybe. Sort of. I don’t know maybe we’re just crazy O-O.

• Zoe’s finally found her story in Selena’s cousin who has muscular dystrophy and yet through his faith continues to find reasons to live, his love for fishing being one of them. The movie turned out great and was so sweet!

• Well they’re headed back to Odyssey and Jay is still crushing on Zoe. ❤ ❤ ❤

This was a really good episode.

First we liked the message it portrayed as it showed how oftentimes we as Christians get caught up in the details of our outreach trying to make sure its perfect and in doing so we lose sight of the real reason of our ministry which is to spread the good news of salvation and lead people to Christ. This was shown in the episode as Zoe got so caught up in the idea of creating the “perfect” documentary that she lost sight of the real reason for the mission trip – teaching others how to make films which will help lead people to Christ. We also loved Jay’s interactions with the kids as even though he can sometimes be a bit self- centered, comical, and silly, underneath his big personality he has a good heart and that was evident in the way he praised their movie making talent and taught them all the tricks of “the industry”.

The only thing which we would have changed in the episode would have been seeing how Jay’s mission work with the kids would have affected him. It would have allowed us to see his more human side and a version of him different from his usual joking self. Sort of like Valerie in Take Every Thought Captive. Valerie is known as Odyssey High’s mean girl and usually acts terrible to everyone. But this episode showed another side of her – a vulnerable and even sweeter side which showed who she truly was underneath. In the same way we hoped to see more of Jay’s tender and soft side as he spent time teaching the kids the ins and outs of movie making. In spite of this the rest of the episode was great as it offered us a wonderful story outside of Odyssey and illustrated perfectly the main reason behind Christians’ outreach efforts throughout the world.

Final Episode Rating: 8.5/10

2 thoughts on “Teach a Man Reaction

  1. Loved this reaction / review! I laughed out loud as I was hearing the episode when it got to Jay’s “life story” documentary. I’m glad you took the time to talk about it; there are certainly a lot of good themes and discussion starters in it. Great job, you two!

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